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Read Black press articles from the 1980s, including Maggie Welcomes Terrorist and Police Aid Racist Epidemic.

Our new Black history resource tool lets you search and browse back-issues of the Caribbean, African and Asian Times newspapers over the last 20 years. The project makes accessible a unique document of the civil rights and race equality journey in the UK over the last two decades.

The 1990 Trust

The 1990 Trust is a leading UK Human Rights and Race Equality organisation. Established as a charity 20 years ago, the Trust has been actively involved in promoting a range of race equality issues affecting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.

The Trust is focused on three main areas:

  • Research and Policy development – from a community perspective.
  • Community Leadership – developing civic and social inclusion programmes.
  • Information and Consultation – enabling community voices in race equality policy and initiatives.

Recent work by the Trust includes creating the Black Manifesto for government, in collaboration with over 30 organisations. It has also been closely monitoring and informing BAME organisations and communities on the progress of the Equality Act. The Trust's core research activity and community engagement is conducted through the Roots Research Centre.

Read more about the history of the 1990 Trust


The Digital Black Newspaper Archive Blog Briefing Part 2

The 1990 Trust has released the second edition of the  Digital Black Newspaper Archive Blog Briefings.

Briefing Paper, 06 Apr 2011 More

The Civil Liberties and Equalities Briefing Paper

This paper examines the current issues around civil liberties in the UK and concerns regarding race within the Equality Act 2010.

Briefing Paper, 18 Mar 2011 More

The Digital Black Newspaper Archive Blog Briefings

The 1990 Trust has created the  Digital Black Newspaper Archive Blog Briefings.

Briefing Paper, 31 Jan 2011 More

Criminal Justice Briefing Paper

The 1990 Trust has produced a briefing paper on Criminal Justice.

Briefing Paper, 21 Jan 2011 More

1990 Trust Equality Act 2010 Consultation Response

The 1990 Trust / Roots Research Centre (RRC) has produced a response to the Government Equalities Office’s Equality Act 2010: public sector Equality Duty consultation.

Article, 08 Nov 2010 More



The Equality Act Toolkit

The Equality Act Toolkit has been produced in collaboration with the Roots Research Centre as a resource for the BAME Community Sector. The toolkit is designed to help voluntary and community organisations use the Equality Act 2010 to challenge discrimination and promote equality.


The Price of Race Inequality:The Black Manifesto 2010

The Black Manifesto

The Black manifesto provides a comprehensive analysis of the central issues surrounding race in Britain. It was produced in partnership with over 40 organisations and provides a platform for monitoring the new government's performance on race equality.